How does a heat pump work in winter

How Does a Heat Pump Work In Winter?

When your heat pump is in cooling mode during summer, it absorbs heat from your house and sends it outside, leaving your home fresh and cool. That’s easy enough to understand since it works the same way as an air conditioner. But do heat pumps work in cold weather? The answer is: yes! A heat pump can work to either heat or cool your indoor space. This means it’s an ideal appliance both in cold and warm seasons. Now, the …

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How to Defrost a Heat Pump

How to Defrost a Heat Pump

In plain terms, a heat pump transfers heat from one point to another. In this guide, we will briefly look at how a heat pump works and how frost can affect its efficiency. We will also consider three practical ways of defrosting your heat pump, especially if your heat pump is freezing up in the winter.   We will use the air source heat pump for our illustration.  An air-source heat pump harvests heat from the air outside your house and …

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Heating the Basement

What is the Best Way to Heat a Basement?

Basements are one of the coldest spaces in a home. But while this quality makes a perfect space to retreat to during the hot summer days, it can be noticeably colder (or even unbearable) than other spaces during the winter.  While homeowners may simply endure the cold and shiver through the chill when doing laundry, it makes sense to heat the finished basement to improve the overall comfort of the home. Those who’ve experienced the extreme cold of basements or …

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