Can You Use An Air Purifier And Humidifier Together?

Maintaining perfect humidity levels and clean air in your home during dry seasons can be a daunting task.

Most people have either used a humidifier or air purifier on different occasions — but can you use an air purifier and humidifier together? 

Yes! You can use both of them simultaneously. Both are great solutions when it comes to increasing moisture in the air and improving indoor air quality. And, using them together might make things even better.

Today, we shall look at the uses of each device and how they can work together. 

 Humidifier vs Air Purifier

These devices have different purposes in enhancing your home’s comfort. They mainly focus on indoor air quality.

For starters, air purifiers filter your air from harmful particles, while the humidifier is used for maintaining a perfect humidity level (30% to 50%). But someone would ask: can I use a humidifier with an air purifier?  

Well, the absence of one of the two will make your living uncomfortable.

However, to use the humidifier and air purifier together, it is important to understand their functionality first, which are as follows:

Uses of a humidifier

The humidifier assists in solving problems brought by dry air. These problems include;

  • Dry skin
  • Asthma attacks
  • Snoring and sinus congestion
  • Frequent nose bleeding
  • Cold
  • Sore throat and irritating eyes

For your skin to be dehydrated, it needs moisture in the air, while the respiratory tract requires lubricants. Here, the humidifier elevates the water vapor in the air to ensure that your body gets moisturized. The absence of enough moisture also causes the mucus membrane of your body to dry out, causing difficulties in breathing.

Uses of an Air Purifier

An air purifier is usually used in the following scenarios;

  • When there is a lot of dust in your house
  • When you experience a shortage of breath in your home
  • There are funny odors of chemicals, paints, and varnish in the house
  • When someone is smoking cigarettes in the house
  • When you start experiencing respiratory issues that make it difficult for you to sleep
  • You have pets around, and they are circulating hair in the air

The main business of air purification is to get rid of different health-related problems.

Humidifier and Air Purifier Combo

Currently, most devices have both the humidifier and air purifier as a package. If you can be able to purchase such, the better.

Devices that combine a humidifier and an air purifier have the following benefits;

  • They offer stress-relieving and therapeutic functions; hence, they leave you in a good mood all day long.
  • Most air purifier humidifier combinations are portable and contain exceptional features such as the digital screen.
  • The combination is cost-effective. It provides the services of two separate appliances at one time. If you purchase these devices separately, you will spend a lot of money. Additionally, buying this combination works magic for your energy consumption. 
  • The device also comes with air freshening capabilities. They give your house a good smell.
  • To a great extent, this device reduces the burdens of medical bills. This is because your home is free from viruses and bacteria, and protects you from the effects of dry air.

These benefits will assist you in understanding why it is essential to use the humidifier and air purifier together.

Factors to Consider When Running a Humidifier and an Air Purifier Together

So, can you use a humidifier and air purifier together? Certainly yes! 

But, when running both of these appliances, there are things you should consider. They include the following;

  1. Humidity Levels

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the suitable level of humidity in your house should be between 30% to 60%. Avoid humidity levels beyond 50% in summer to ensure that they do not interfere with your air purifier and multiply bacteria growth. 

The humidity levels should also not exceed 60% in winter as they can promote bacteria and mold growth.

  1. Placement

To use the air purifier and humidifier together, consider placement. As much as possible, place them far away from each other. 

With this arrangement, the air purifier filter will not be affected by the water droplets from the humidifier. Place them on the opposite sides of a room to maximize the functionality of each unit.

  1. Timing

Timing is another crucial factor when running an air purifier and humidifier simultaneously. The ideal time for such an appliance is during the allergy and winter seasons. 

During these times, these two collaborate quite well. They ensure that unhealthy air problems are dealt with accordingly.

In the winter period, the humidity is lower. The cold air becomes dry during heating, as the furnace produces warmth. Therefore, a humidifier would help add moisture into the air during the winter season. 

If you want to minimize the effects of air pollution during winter, combine it with an air purifier. The results are outstanding!

Don’t forget about the spring and fall — here, the air purifier gets rid of pollen in the air, while the humidifier aids in relieving and reducing nasal irritation because of dry air.

  1. Humidity on HEPA Air Filters

The overall humidity level in a room should not exceed 60%. Otherwise, your HEPA air filter will be inefficient. Therefore, take caution and avoid overly humid conditions. 

A lot of moisture around the HEPA filter promotes the growth of fungi. It also increases the fungal spores in the air.

Although both of these appliances can function in the same space, separating them as much as possible is recommended.

  1. Use a Separate Air Quality Sensor

Most humidifiers use the readings on the built-in air quality sensor. These sensors are affordable and use infrared technology. But, infrared sensors do not give an accurate measurement. Therefore, consider using laser diffraction technology for accurate results when using these two devices simultaneously.

The technology operates with an infrared receiver and an emitter. Go for separate air quality sensors that use this technology to examine the air quality in the room. It helps in reducing the particle count and maintaining clean and healthy air.

In a nutshell, it is ideal to use a humidifier and air purifier together. You will be thankful for these devices during allergy and winter months specifically. Understand the things to consider for them to run effectively.

Select the correct size for each unit. Lastly, maintaining a clean environment and having good ventilation will help you live in a healthy space for you and your family. And if you have any issue with your AC unit or just need advice, never hesitate to contact your trusted HVAC expert

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