8 Common Reasons Why Your Air Purifier Is Not Working

An air purifier, as its name suggests, is a device used to clean the air in a room. It does this by removing pollutants and allergens from the air, thus, ensuring clean and breathable indoor air. This, in return, helps eliminate any health issues for your family that might be caused by contaminated air.

But what if your air purifier started having issues? It might be very difficult to tell how you can rectify the situation, or what the problem even is. And at the end of the day, how do you tell the reasons your air purifier is not working?

These are some understandable worries that any person owning an air purifier might be having. But not to worry; we’ll be covering the top reasons your air purifier is not working and how you can solve them.

 My Air Purifier is Not Working: Top Reasons 

  1. Clogged Filters

If you find yourself asking “why is my air purifier not working”, the answer may lie in investigating the air filter. If there is an issue with the filters, it means that the device will not work properly or not at all, and clogging is a major issue common to air filters.

When your air purifier is cleaning up the air, it forces it via a filter, which traps particles and prevents them from reaching your indoors. These particles include mold and pollen. After some time, the filter will get clogged or blocked and will require cleaning or replacement.

If this is not done, the filter will adversely affect the functionality of your purifier. A dirty filter not only affects how the purifier operates, but it can also become a source of pollution for your purifier, blowing mold spores and bacteria across your home.

  1. Insufficient Airflow

Air purifiers, in general, require a certain amount of airflow to function properly. A blockage in the air intake or exhaust can cause your air purifier to malfunction and sometimes release an unpleasant smell.

One main cause of air blockage is failing to remove the air filter packaging when replacing the filter. If the packaging is still intact, no air will pass through the filter.

If you don’t find a blockage, another solution is to check your device’s fan speed. If the setting is low, adjust it to a higher one, as this might just be the reason why the air purifiers can’t work properly. However, this is likely a stopgap solution and points to a bigger problem, so it’s best to contact a professional to book a servicing appointment.

  1. Damaged Power Cord

Damaging a power chord is quite common for many homeowners. And if this happens, you can stop looking for other reasons your air purifier is not working. If the power cord doesn’t allow power transmission, then the air purifier will certainly not power up.

With this in mind, if your air purifier is not working, there is a possibility that this cable has been damaged over time. As soon as you suspect this, avoid using your purifier immediately. You can solve this by using a different cable.

  1. Overheating

Let’s now delve into overheating. It is an enemy in every household’s appliances. And it does not only affect the functionality of your air purifier; it can also result in permanent damage.

Overheating on your purifier is usually caused by several factors, including a faulty power source, malfunctioning internal components, and filter obstruction. However, this does not apply to all models. Most of them have a built-in security measure, which triggers when your purifier runs too long or is excessively hot.

If your air purifier is not working due to overheating, it’s best to immediately schedule a servicing appointment, as it could be caused by power issues that can potentially escalate into more serious problems.

  1. Controls are Insensitive

Another reason your air purifier is not working is that the controls are unresponsive. Modern air purifiers come with push buttons or touch controls, and at times they can malfunction or fail to respond.

Some of the possible causes for such behavior include a wrongly placed filter cover or even an unplugged power cord. Therefore, when you notice your purifier controls not responding, first check the power cord and make sure it’s plugged in properly. If that doesn’t work, check the filter cover, fix it correctly, and put the purifier back on.

In other instances, the source of the insensitive controls could be faulty controls. These faulty controls affect the overall operation of your air purifier. If this is the case, unplug the purifier from the outlet and get in touch with a qualified technician for assistance.

  1. Faulty Power Sockets

It’s clear what faulty power sockets can result in your air purifier not working properly or even turning on in some cases. With the faulty sockets in place, your air purifier will likely not receive the correct amount of electricity required to run.

If you’re having issues with your air purifier, ensure there aren’t any issues with the sockets. Note that faulty sockets can cause electric shocks, take extra precautions and care when testing their functionality, and ensure that your hands are completely free of moisture or water.

  1. A Defective Motor

Having a defective motor is another reason why your air purifier is not working. Mostly, your air purifier’s motor stops working due to wear and tear or overuse.

Whenever this occurs, it is advisable to contact your manufacturer for assistance. They will give you an idea on whether it’s best to repair the unit or consider buying another one.

  1. Irregular or Overdue Maintenance

If you use your air purifier frequently without proper maintenance, expect it to cause problems. An improperly maintained air purifier will have dirty or clogged filters, malfunctioning motors, and other problems that affect its overall function.

Therefore, it is important that you schedule your air purifier for maintenance at least twice every year. You should, however, ensure that the maintenance is done by a professional. This way, you can avoid any more issues that may arise from the mishandling of the device.

 Key Takeaways

An air purifier is an essential device in your house that maintains proper air quality. Therefore, it’s essential that you take notice of the factors we’ve provided to ensure it doesn’t have any performance issues.

If you notice any of the issues we’ve pointed out above, you can always reach out for professional help if you aren’t comfortable with troubleshooting or narrowing down the issue yourself – Anderson Air is always just a call away.

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