9 Benefits of UV Lights for your HVAC system

Recently, UV lights for HVAC have been trending especially on social media platforms. It may leave you wondering why the hype now, yet they have been there since the late 1800s. Well, there are numerous reasons why UV lights are becoming popular for your HVAC system.

These lights carry tons of benefits to your cooling and heating system. They are known for maintaining high indoor air quality hence leaving your home more comfortable. We shall delve more into other benefits of UV light in HVAC in this article.

If you are conscious of how your HVAC system affects your household, here is what you should know about UV lighting for HVAC systems.

 Top HVAC UV Light Benefits

1. Eradicates Bacteria and Mold

The essence of an HVAC system is to ensure that your home stays comfortable and cool. However, it is impracticable for it to remain dry from the inside. The bacteria and mold tend to invade your HVAC system. However, thanks to UV light technology, they should not worry you anymore.

These lights take charge of any contaminants in the air hence minimizing your chances of falling ill. The contaminants include viruses, bacteria, mold, and germs. Additionally, they kill any surviving microbes and block them from spreading and multiplying in your home. 

2. Reduces Asthma and Allergies

Another advantage of UV lights in your HVAC unit is minimizing allergies and asthma. In the same way, UV lights kill germs; they also get rid of allergens in your system. If you properly place them, then mildew, dust mites, and mold will be unheard of in your home.

The lights also reduce wheezing, sneezing, and other allergy-connected predicaments. You will certainly enjoy your winter days.

Additionally, fungal contamination is quite stubborn in the HVAC system. And it leads to vast sickness and infections. Research shows that UV light is good in taking care of this menace as well.

3. Eliminating Odors

Thirdly, UV lighting in your HVAC system gets rid of odors. Funny or filthy smells can turn living in your house pretty unbearable. And your HVAC system can be a source of such smells.

There are some smells from your system that causes total irritations, whereas others are hazardous. Luckily, UV light gets rid of the pathogens, microbes, and various bacteria producing filthy smells in your duct.

Additionally, there are also volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that contain a strong smell. VOCs are a type of irritating chemicals that infiltrate the air. They are always close to us and include both naturally- occurring and human-made particles.

According to EPA, these compounds have contributed to health problems like throat, nose, and eye irritation alongside headaches and nausea.

Fortunately, UV lights for HVAC are the solution to this. The light gets rid of the VOCs in your HVAC system completely.

4. Increases Airflow

Your HVAC system should always have a good airflow if comfortability is to be achieved in your home. It goes without saying that the inside components of your HVAC system are prone to pollutants, dirt, and germs.

Adding a UV light offers your system a major boost. It increases airflow in your HVAC system by organically cleaning the coils and preventing congestion. 

5. Improves Efficiency

Accumulation of microorganisms on your system’s coil is another hindrance to ample airflow. Subsequently, your system will need to run for a long time to get the desired temperatures. 

The UV lights on your coil will assist in destroying these microorganisms. It will help maintain a smooth airflow, thus increasing efficiency.

 6. Minimizes Energy Costs

With an increase in airflow and improved efficiency, your energy consumption will be lower too. When your overall unit functions properly, it will use less energy to provide the ideal temperatures.

Subsequently, you will be receiving low monthly bills for it.

 7. Diminishes Congestion in the Condensate Drain Line

Basically, HVAC systems create moisture from the inside. Eventually, the moisture will accumulate and block the condensate drain line, causing you lots of headaches.

 A UV light will come in handy and reduce the moisture. It will, in turn, prevent blockage of your condensate drain line.

8. Improves Indoor Air Quality

The average person spends more than half of his life inside the house. Therefore, you need to be in a space where the air quality is top-notch.

UV light assures you of great indoor air quality; hence you can enjoy family bonding in a comfortable environment.

 9. Handles Sicknesses

Lastly, UV lights for HVAC acts as a sheriff or cleaning agent of bad microorganisms. It disrupts the RNA and DNA of germs, killing their ability to increase over time. Most office buildings, healthcare facilities, and hospitals usually use UV lights for HVAC.

UV lights systems are majorly instrumental in minimizing microorganisms as they pass via UV light rays. And, the lesser the microorganisms, the lesser the transferred illnesses. The UV lights also control your coils’ cleanliness standards, hence lessening airborne pathogens that bring illnesses.

Well, with these numerous benefits, we can conclude that the UV lights in your HVAC system are worth the hype.

Installing UV lights in your HVAC system

Now that we know what value UV lights add to your system, it is essential to learn about installing them. Installation of UV lights should always be conducted by a certified professional. They come in different sizes, types, and designs, depending on your preferences.

The system contains brackets to be placed in your HVAC unit. Depending on your needs, place one light right before the air handler and the other one over the coil inside the duct. Again, it will depend on the location of your HVAC system.

Walk with your technician, who will be able to advise further in case there are other needs in the installation process. Some of the factors that he will put into consideration include; placement of UV duct lights, temperatures, and humidity levels.

Always keep in mind that securing your family, home, and indoor air quality should always be your utmost priority. UV lights are highly recommended when buying a new HVAC unit to maintain your overall wellbeing and prevent contamination.

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