10 Reasons Why You Should Do A Whole Home Humidifier Installation

Not many people think about their home’s humidity levels. Not until it’s too late. You start to feel a little congested, and the skin on your hands and feet feels dry. That’s when you realize that your home could use a whole home humidifier installation. Believe it or not, adding humidity to the air can have some pretty amazing benefits for your health and your home! So, why exactly should you consider a whole-home humidifier installation? Check out these top …

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What Is Superheat and Subcooling In HVAC?

Superheat and Subcooling are technical readings in an HVAC that measure the Freon (refrigerant) reading. Superheat measures the Freon boiling point in gas form while subcooling measures the Freon in liquid form below the evaporation level. To calculate superheat and subcooling measurements, a specific Mathematical chart is used, and the process is mostly done by an HVAC technician.  This is usually done when the technician is diagnosing your HVAC for overheating or flooding of the Freon. You can still learn …

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What are HVAC Dampers, and how do they work?

Regardless of the weather, hot or cold, most households have invested in an HVAC system. However, not many homeowners know what components make up the system. As long as the system is cooling or heating their place, they are good to go. Dampers are one of those crucial HVAC components that most of us don’t even know they exist in our systems. And, those of us who know about them don’t know how exactly they function. So, what are dampers …

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What Happens If You Don’t Change HVAC Filter

The long-term effect of not changing your HVAC filter is the eventual breakdown of your unit. However, before that happens, your system will get clogged by dirt and dust from outside. A dirty air conditioning unit is inefficient because it uses a lot of power and energy to run. Before your HVAC breaks down, you will first experience high energy bills and a poorly functioning unit. These are all warning signs that you should replace your filters. If you do …

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Thermostat Placement Guidelines

You may find it difficult to keep your home temperature cozy despite your best efforts. Your energy bills keep escalating for no reason whatsoever. At this point, you might shift the blame on the entire cooling and heating system. But before contacting your technician, check on the location of your thermostat. It might surprise you to know that’s where the problem lies. A thermostat is an essential element in assisting your HVAC unit to preserve the perfect temperature. It is …

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7 Advantages of HVAC Retrofitting

Are you paying a lot on your energy bills, and your HVAC system needs constant maintenance? Then it’s probably time to replace your HVAC equipment. Despite how well you’ve maintained the HVAC system in your facility, there comes a time when you must replace the equipment. However, replacing the entire system might not be as economical.  Many businesses can’t afford to replace the whole HVAC equipment because it can be quite costly. Moreover, the process of changing the entire system …

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10 Signs Your Furnace Needs a New Motor Blower

A furnace is an essential appliance for keeping your home comfortable and warm during the winter months. The thought of your furnace blower motor acting up is something you do not want to experience when the weather is chilly. However, this is something that’s almost bound to happen eventually with time. After years of blowing warm air in your house, the wear and tear effects eventually catch up with it. This happens to almost every element in an HVAC system. …

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What is a Plenum in HVAC & Why Is It Important?

One of the most challenging aspects of HVAC systems is their ability to provide adequate airflow throughout a building. They also need to work efficiently and effectively at high temperatures. That’s where the AC plenum comes in.   What is a plenum in HVAC systems? Is it a component that your heating and cooling system can work without? Well, we are about to discuss all you need to know.  This piece will explore what the plenum in an HVAC system is …

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How to Test a Home Thermostat

We often blame our HVAC system for failing to warm or cool our houses. However, in some instances, the system is not to blame. Have you ever stopped to think that your thermostat could be the issue? The truth is, the thermostat might be the culprit, sending incorrect information or not communicating with the system at all. Being aware of how your thermostat is functioning throughout the year can be useful in this regard. Having a thermostat malfunctioning is frustrating. …

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common hvac problems

Most Common HVAC Problems

Few things can ruin a relaxing day at home like HVAC problems. A malfunctioning air conditioner or furnace not only makes your home uncomfortable but can also cause some health challenges. However, most common HVAC problems don’t even have to occur in the first place. With regular maintenance of your cooling and heating system, you can avoid at least 90% of those issues and save a whole lot of money. So, what are the most common HVAC issues you can …

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