7 Advantages of HVAC Retrofitting

Are you paying a lot on your energy bills, and your HVAC system needs constant maintenance?

Then it’s probably time to replace your HVAC equipment. Despite how well you’ve maintained the HVAC system in your facility, there comes a time when you must replace the equipment. However, replacing the entire system might not be as economical. 

Many businesses can’t afford to replace the whole HVAC equipment because it can be quite costly. Moreover, the process of changing the entire system is time-consuming and can disrupt the operation of your facility for a prolonged time.

That’s why an HVAC retrofit is the best option for solving your air conditioning problems. Retrofitting an HVAC system comes in handy by introducing new and budget-friendly technology to your current building instead of replacing the whole system. And that’s not all; HVAC retrofitting saves you time and money while improving the efficiency of your facility. 

But is retrofitting your AC systems worth the investment? Read on to find out why you should consider retrofitting HVAC systems.

  1. HVAC Retrofit is Flexible and Economical

Commercial facilities usually change and expand because of renovations, and your HVAC equipment ends up lagging and experiencing downtime. Not only is it expensive to repair the whole system, but it is also costly to maintain it in the long run.

HVAC retrofitting offers an affordable fix that tailors to your changing needs. The air conditioner continues to work up to par as you move into a new space or as you rearrange your interior. Furthermore, there is no huge investment involved because you’re customizing parts of your current system.

In light of new technology, retrofitting HVAC systems guarantee you a more extended warranty at a lesser cost than maintaining outdated HVAC equipment. 

  1. Fewer Maintainance Costs

Your HVAC system will go through a lot of stress over its lifetime. You need to make sure that you use the correct retrofit parts when upgrading your old equipment.

Outdated, inefficient, and failing HVAC systems cost you money to maintain and repair. And, your business risks losing a significant amount of money during downtimes due to the malfunctioning of the system.

At the same time, the hidden costs of an unexpected breakdown of the HVAC system are damaging. You lose revenue from affected sales, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction.

In contrast, improved technology makes retrofitting AC systems more reliable and cheaper to maintain. An HVAC retrofit aligns the system with your requirements, allowing you to accommodate changes without spending more money. 

  1. Longer HVAC Lifespan

Undoubtedly, overhauling the whole HVAC system delivers results. But, it is a process that’s both expensive and time-consuming. Retrofitting the AC systems solves defective or outdated components of your equipment. 

Changing the faulty parts gives your system not only a new life but also extends the lifespan of your equipment. It gives the system more functional years at a cheaper cost compared to replacing the entire system. HVAC retrofit also limits the run cycles of your equipment, thus reducing the wearing out of the system’s vital parts.

Retrofitting HVAC systems lower the need for equipment upgrades and ensure you a more extended service. 

  1. Less Energy Use and Downtime

HVAC retrofitting is the quickest solution for saving energy – it’s much faster than a total system replacement. Retrofitting solves the issues of lagging or complete breakdown of your HVAC system.

Technological improvements have significantly improved the efficiency of HVAC retrofit. In fact, a study by the U.S Department of Energy shows that commercial facilities can save up to 38% of HVAC energy costs by retrofitting. Retrofitting also reduces the carbon footprint and is friendly to the environment. 

Also, your HVAC system uses less energy in operating your facility. As a result, there’s a drastic reduction in your utility bills. 

Therefore, retrofitting is a valuable investment in the long term. It saves energy and still performs effectively.

  1. Faster Return on Investment

One of the significant benefits of retrofitting HVAC systems is that it pays back in improved efficiency and lower repairing costs. Although HVAC retrofit provides similar long-term results as a new system, the return on investment is quicker than a complete replacement.

First of all, retrofitting is a fraction of the total replacement of the system. It takes a shorter time to realize the ROI from retrofitting AC systems than a new HVAC system that may take years.

Secondly, most utility companies offer incentives and rebates when using energy-efficient air conditioning systems. The incentives speed up the payback period on your HVAC retrofit.

  1. Newer Technology

HVAC systems keep changing due to growing technology. You shouldn’t miss out on energy-efficient retrofits or ways to reduce energy costs because you’re using an obsolete system and can’t afford a new one.

Retrofitting systems are more consistent and efficient because they save energy, have lower maintenance costs, and are more dependable than an outdated system. You can also access modern retrofits remotely, and you can adjust the AC when you’re away from home.

Innovative technology supplements HVAC retrofit, thus improving the quality of the system. Besides ensuring that the system operates efficiently, the ultra-modern controls boost the HVAC equipment increasing its’ lifespan.

  1. Better Air Quality and Comfort

 HVAC retrofitting offers a comfortable workspace for your business by reducing noise from the system and pollutants, e.g., dust, mould, and bacteria. Retrofitting AC systems help to control humidity and consistent temperatures. 

An HVAC retrofit will go a long way towards improving your interior air quality. It will certainly cut down on your energy expenses. Retrofitting HVAC systems helps filter the air, constantly improving air quality and enhancing the workers’ productivity.

Tune-Up Your Retrofit Today!

It’s with no doubt that you’ll have to replace your HVAC equipment one day. And HVAC retrofitting is an affordable and easy way to change defective parts. It is a cheaper way to lower your monthly energy costs, pay back your investment in a shorter time, extend service life, and improve comfort.

Retrofitting HVAC systems offer you time to plan for the complete change of the equipment and give you the same benefits of a new system.

Choose an HVAC retrofit for your underperforming air conditioning system and enjoy the numerous benefits sooner, and for a fraction of the cost of a full replacement.

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