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What Size of an Air Conditioner Do I Need?

It is easy to take indoor comfort for granted, more so if your AC is functioning perfectly. The weather in Springdale can get hot during the long summer season and very cold during the winter. And you need to enjoy cool air in your home even after taking a stroll in the sun.

With an average temperature range of 29°F to 90°F, an air conditioner is a necessity in Springdale, AR. As such, you need a properly sized air conditioner, one that is suitable for your needs. Choosing the size of an air conditioner is never easy.

If the capacity of the AC is higher than needed, it will not run a full cycle and will constantly switch on and off, leading to high energy bills. Similarly, if it is too small, it will constantly run, leading to high energy bills. In some cases, you may need to consult a professional HVAC technician before purchasing one.

Here are some factors you should consider before choosing the size of an air conditioner in Springdale, AR.

1. The AC capacity

This is one of the major factors that you must consider when buying an air conditioner in Springdale, AR. The choice of the AC must have the capacity to keep the house or room cool, no matter how hot it gets outside. And given that the temperatures in Springdale can go up to heights of 90°F, you do not want to have an insufficient air conditioner. The capacity of the AC is based on factors such as the size of the house or room, the number of occupants and the weather conditions in your location. Before purchasing the AC, ensure you finalize on the BTU or tonnage suitable for the entire area.

2. The preferred installation style

Do you prefer to have one AC installed to serve the entire area or several ACs for one home? The choice on whether to purchase a single AC or split ACs again depends on the preferred cooling capacity. For example, if you only intend to use the AC to cool a small room, then a small window AC will work perfectly. However, if you intend to use the AC to cool a large area or several rooms, split, ducted or multi-split ACs will serve the area better. Window ACs may be cheaper to purchase and install. However, you may need to buy several if you are cooling a large area.

3. The size of your windows

Windows are good for aerating rooms and letting light in. However, the size of your window will affect the size of the AC that you should purchase. The bigger the windows in your home, the harder your AC must work to keep the air cool. This also means that you should purchase a larger and more efficient AC if you have large windows installed in your home. Also, the type of window coverings affects the functionality of your AC. The better you insulate your windows, the less your conditioner has to work to cool the room. This also applies to a well-insulated room. Some factors that affect insulation in a room include the choice of flooring, the presence of gaps between the floor and doors, and the construction materials. You can purchase a smaller AC if your home is well insulated.

4. Just how high are the ceilings in your house?

Most people prefer high ceilings. The aeration and lighting are surely improved with high ceilings. However, high ceilings increase the volume of a room hence require larger and high-efficiency air conditioners. If your ceilings are significantly higher, you need to purchase a large air conditioner. Purchasing a smaller air conditioner may make the AC overwork which translates to high energy bills and even malfunctions.

5. Local climate conditions

The local climate conditions in Springdale should also guide your choice of an air conditioner. Springdale experiences extremely hot summers. This means that the air conditioning units are subjected to extreme pressure to cool the homes, especially in the warm months throughout the year. As such, a large and efficient AC is required in Springdale, lest you want to deal with the constant breakdowns and repairs.

6. Energy efficiency

An energy-efficient air conditioner prevents energy bills from skyrocketing when in use. Check the Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) rating and purchase one that is cost-efficient. An AC with a high EER rating is more efficient. Also, the energy bills are lower.

7. Your budget

The budget comes into play when making major and even minor purchases. When it comes to purchasing an air conditioner, ensure that your budget limit does not force you to buy an inefficient air conditioner. You would rather save up for one more month and purchase a durable and efficient AC. We are not saying that you go beyond your budget. Just ensure that your new AC can serve you for long without the need for constant repairs. Also, you do not want to have an AC that can barely cool your home, even when new.

Here are some extra tips when shopping for an air conditioner

  • Do not be in a rush to buy an AC– Easier said than done, right? Air conditioners can be expensive; hence you need to ensure that your purchase is worthwhile. Well, the trick to this is to shop for an AC before it gets too hot. Shopping for an AC during the summer means that you will make an urgent decision without adequate research. And if your AC malfunctions just in time for summer, use fans to cool your room as you shop for an air conditioner.
  • Get advice from several HVAC specialists– If you are not well knowledgeable in the HVAC sector, it is vital to get advice from the specialists. This includes getting different opinions on the right air conditioner based on your needs and analyzing them. We cannot stress this enough: ensure you get the right AC size based on your home’s cooling needs. 
  • Get the right contractor to handle the installation– You can start by using referrals from friends and family. Also, always ask for a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the cooling needs in your home in line with the AC industry standards. 
  • Get quotes from different providers– As we mentioned, you might short charge yourself if you shop for an air conditioner in a rush. And since they can be costly, get quotes from different providers. Compare the pricing, models, warranty and even the provision of after-sale services.

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