Does Having Central Air Increase Your Home’s Value?

At Anderson Air, we understand the value of providing our customers with a comfortable home environment and are committed to offering top air conditioning and heating services. In this article we’ll look at how adding central air can increase home value. We’ll also cover some factors to consider when installing a central HVAC system.  

With industry insights and advice from our experienced HVAC professionals, we’ll explore the question: Does central air increase home value? Read on to find out if it’s worth installing in your home. 

Central air is desirable in warmer climates and newer homes

Central air conditioning units have become a key feature in newer homes, especially those in warmer climates. These units provide an easy solution for keeping indoor temperatures comfortable during those hot summer months.

Central air is becoming an attractive addition to any home’s value, transforming hot summers into cool, comfy retreats with efficient cooling technology at your fingertips! Not only can central air provide increased indoor comfort and better air quality; it’s also a great way to make your home stand out on the housing market. 

Does central air increase home value for potential buyers? Absolutely! Many buyers are showing an increased interest in properties equipped with reliable air conditioning units. Modern, contemporary living goes beyond mere aesthetics–energy-efficient climate control has become an essential feature for many homes. This is especially true for regions like Arkansas where the summer can get fairly humid.

Investing in a central HVAC system could prove invaluable when selling your house, as it will add significant appeal for those who value comfort and health especially.

The impact of central air on home value

Central air conditioning systems can have a huge impact on property value, since many buyers in the market today recognize them as valuable amenities.

How much does central air increase home value?

Installing central air conditioning in your house can increase its value significantly. According to industry studies, installing it could boost the value of your property up to 10%!

Many home buyers are willing to pay a lot more for homes with central air systems installed. This is especially true in hotter climates like Arkansas. Therefore, investing in central air system installation may just be what improves the value of your home and attracts potential buyers.

Upgrades such as this can significantly enhance your home’s comfort and value.

Added appeal for potential home buyers

Central air conditioning holds great appeal for potential home buyers. This type of system offers comfort during Arkansas summers and can significantly cut down on your heating and cooling expenses.

Central air allows homeowners to maintain consistent temperature control throughout their home, adding appeal for buyers in an increasingly competitive housing market. Central air is an appealing feature that makes a property more desirable.

Comparison of identical houses with and without central air

The value of a house can be greatly influenced by whether it has central air conditioning or not. For those wondering, “How much does central air add to home value?” look at this comparison between identical houses, one with central air and one without, to see the impact.

CriteriaHouse with Central AirHouse without Central Air
Property ValueInstalling a new central air-conditioning system can increase property value by 10%.Without central air, the property value may not receive this potential 10% increase.
Buyer InterestHomebuyers are willing to pay approximately $2,500 extra for a house with central air on average.A house without central air may not attract as many buyers, and those who are interested may not be willing to pay as much.
EfficiencyCentral air conditioners are more efficient and convenient to operate compared to room air conditioners.Without central air, homeowners may need to rely on less efficient room air conditioners.
Electric BillsA new HVAC unit can reduce electric bills by 20%, potentially increasing the market value of a home.Without a central air system, homeowners may face higher electric bills.
Comfort LevelInstalling a central air conditioning system can make a home more comfortable, adding value to the property.A home without central air may be less comfortable, especially in warmer climates.

As seen from the table, having central air comes with a slew of benefits that can increase the value and desirability of your home.

Factors to consider in central air upgrades 

Does adding AC increase home value? It can, but it will also depend on the type of system you install. When considering central air upgrades, homeowners should take into account factors such as the types of AC systems available, the capacity and energy efficiency of the system, and the reputation of different brands.

Types of AC systems

Homeowners in Arkansas looking to upgrade their central air have various AC options.

  • Split systems: Have an indoor and an outdoor unit. 
  • Duct-free systems: Flexible and easy to install, but often more expensive than traditional systems. 
  • Packaged central air conditioners: System components are in one unit and are usually placed on a roof or a concrete pad near the house.
  • Heat pumps: Operate by transferring heat and can serve as both heating and cooling systems. 

Capacity and energy efficiency

Homeowners considering selling their homes often ask, “Does central air increase home value?” A major caveat is the system’s efficiency. 

Central air conditioning systems come in various capacities and levels of energy efficiency. A system’s capacity refers to its cooling capacity or power, while energy efficiency measures how effectively electricity is used.

When upgrading the central air system in your Arkansas home, choose one with sufficient capacity and energy-efficiency to save utility costs over time. Consider your home and how much space you will need to cool. 

Searching for units with high SEER ratings to reduce energy costs and make significant cost savings. By finding one that matches your needs and prioritizes energy efficiency, you can ensure optimal performance, indoor comfort and even increase home value.

Brand reputation

Arkansas homeowners looking to upgrade their central air conditioning systems should take brand reputation into account when choosing a new system. A reliable brand ensures a high-quality product built to withstand years of use. Also, recognizable brand names are seen as more desirable amongst potential buyers.

So, does adding central air increase my home value?  

From added comfort to increased market value, a central air system can be incredibly beneficial. If you’re considering adding central air to your home, research the available options and weigh the pros and cons before making your choice. Anderson Air is here to help you make that decision with our expert advice from experienced professionals.

Contact us today, and we’ll help you improve your home. 

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