What You Need to Know About Careers in the HVAC Industry

If you are thinking about changing your career path and you enjoy the outdoors and mechanics, then here is an option you will like. Being an HVAC technician, you will be indispensable in the construction industry. You will be responsible for making sure all homeowners have fresh air during summer and a cozy environment in winter. In case you are interested in this type of job, here we will tell you everything you should know about careers in the HVAC industry. 

The majority of homeowners have HVAC systems at home. However, depending on the provider, there might be some differences between the appliances. What most people don’t know is that there are also larger machines, such as the ones used in the hospitals. But what happens if the system fails? Or how can you replace the HVAC when it’s too old? Well, these are just some tasks you will perform if you have a career in the HVAC industry. 

Now, you might be wondering if it is a good idea to follow this path. To answer this question, we are going to take a look at the overview of this job.

Careers in HVAC outlook

The first thing you need to know is that the most common career in the field is as an HVAC technician. Since the construction industry has been growing in the last few years, professionals are more needed than ever before. This means entry-level careers in HVAC can offer a salary of $40,214 on average annually. 

Once you get a job, you can improve your salary expectations by doing more specialized courses and having certificates. In this regard, commercial HVAC technicians usually have a higher income since they need more training. 

Keep in mind that depending on where you are located, the salary range will vary. Plus, the compensation will also depend on your position. But before we talk about the HVAC-related careers, we should touch on something more important, the requirements.

Requirements for careers in the HVAC industry

As with any other type of job, you need all the theoretical and practical knowledge to succeed. That means you should enroll in a postsecondary institution. But, there is no need to worry, to have the required certificates and diplomas, you won’t be in college for four years. Depending on the type of career you want, there are some apprenticeship programs that only last two years. 

The best thing about getting enrolled in a postsecondary program and not outside courses is that you will have all the training to pass the EPA section 608. This will allow you to pass the basic interview process. However, to get ahead of the competition, you can get some extra excellence certifications.

HVAC related careers

Even though most people get into the HVAC industry to get a job as a technician, other positions might interest you. In this section, we will do a simple breakdown of all your options.

1. HVAC technician

If you choose to do this job, you will have to help homeowners when there is a problem with their system. That’s why you need to learn how these appliances work and how to identify the possible problems. Working in the residential field means you will have to keep up with the most technological systems. You can do this by taking some additional courses.

2. HVAC Engineer

Being an HVAC Engineer, you will be responsible for the entire system installation. Further, you can add improvements to the current appliance. You’ll also need to perform evaluations to make sure all the parts are working properly. 

3. HVAC technician for cars

As you might know, cars also have an HVAC system. However, this version is less complex and expensive compared to a residential one. As an automotive HVAC technician, you will need to make sure there is a comfortable environment for the passengers.

4. HVAC Installer

Another option you have within the industry is becoming an HVAC installer. In this position, you will have to install the entire system in a residential or commercial area. To succeed at this job, you need to have mechanical skills, be physically strong and manage your time well.

5. Refrigeration technician

Places such as a restaurant or a grocery store need a good refrigeration system to keep everything fresh. Refrigerators technicians are the ones that know how to install and maintain them. Since this is a special appliance, you will need to study all the parts and learn how to read schematics.

These are just some of the careers in the HVAC industry. That’s why once you have all the requirements it will be possible to find new positions. 

Necessary skills for careers in HVAC

If you want to be part of the HVAC industry, you need certain hard and soft skills. Some of them you will learn during your program. The rest you will have to work on yourself.

  • Customer service

Being an HVAC expert, you will have to deal with clients all the time. In this regard, it is important to always be polite and professional. The last thing you want is to upset a customer. That’s why you should learn how to deal with bad tempers.

  • Time management

During the day, you may receive several calls that were not part of your schedule. As a professional, you will need to manage your time to keep every client satisfied. 

  • Detail-oriented

Every time you perform any type of job, you will need to keep a full report of it. That way, in case something happens, you can fix the problem. That’s why you need to be detail-oriented. You should be able to write down what you did, list the equipment you use, and specify how long it took.

  • Math and problem-solving skills

An HVAC technician needs to have excellent math skills since that will allow them to calculate the requirements of every system. Plus, in case something goes wrong, you need to figure out how to fix it. 

In this article, we have covered the most important aspects of all careers in the HVAC industry. We hope that with all this information you can decide the future of your career by finding something you enjoy doing. 

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