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Attic Furnace Installation: Pros and Cons

If you’re looking to install a furnace in your attic, you must be prepared to balance its benefits and drawbacks. There are many ways an attic furnace could help you achieve a perfect home. You could save on cost and space, reduce noise, and enjoy all of the furnace’s perks without having to worry.

If you’re not sure whether to install a furnace in the attic, there is much to consider before making the decision. Let’s go over the pros and cons of installing a furnace in your attic.

Furnace in Attic: Pros and Cons

So you’re ready to shift to a furnace in attic design but are still unsure about what awaits you once you install one. The following pros and cons will help you know what to expect.

The Pros

The benefits of a furnace in the attic include:

You Can Maximize the Use of Space in the Home

Having a furnace in the attic means you can use your attic space for other things. This is especially helpful if you have an older home with small rooms and limited storage options. It is also helpful if you live in a newer home but still want more room to store items. 

In both situations, having a furnace that runs off of natural air will maximize your use of space. This allows for more storage or an area that can be used as a living room or bedroom.

A Furnace in the Attic Design Works for All Types of Homes

Another pro is that a furnace in attic design works for all types of homes. Even if you live in an older home and already have a heating system, this type of furnace will allow you to heat the entire house more thoroughly. 

The same goes for newer homes because they often don’t have much insulation or hold the heat. A furnace in attic design will allow you to increase your home’s energy efficiency regardless of the home’s architectural design.

Helps to Reduce Energy Bills 

The furnace in attic design helps to significantly reduce electricity costs. They are designed specifically with the insulation of your home and its energy efficiency in mind. A furnace in the attic does not waste much money heating up outside air before bringing it into your house.

You can also save money on your energy bills by installing a programmable thermostat that you can control from your smartphone. This allows you to keep the temperature at an even level all day long, which helps avoid any overheating or overcooling in certain parts of the house.

The Installation Process is Simple

Installing a furnace in the attic is a relatively simple task. You will need to ensure that you have the right tools, but it should not take more than a day. It is also possible for some homeowners to do this job themselves and save money on installation costs. 

However, some people prefer paying professionals because they feel safer doing so.

The Furnace is Quiet and Convenient for Homeowners

One of the biggest benefits of having a furnace in the attic installed is how quiet it will be when heating your home. The air that comes from the unit is not hot or humid like other types, such as floor furnaces and wall furnaces, so that it won’t dry out your air ducts.

The furnace is also very convenient for homeowners because it has a built-in thermostat that automatically controls your home’s temperature. 

There are Numerous Installation Options to Consider

An attic installation space allows you to be flexible as you can include either a gas or an electric furnace in the space and still work perfectly. Gas furnaces fit perfectly in an attic space when you have alarm and venting systems that ensure you detect any gas leakages in the event of a leak.

An electric furnace has a cooling fan that ensures the gas does not build up in your attic. This is because attics are hot, so it works to cool off the air before circulating through your house instead of heating it first. This method helps you save money because you are not blowing heat into an already warm area.

The Cons

Installing a furnace in the attic has the following disadvantages.

The Efficiency of Your Furnace can Drop Significantly

The space is already more crowded, so it becomes harder for your furnace to heat the air. It can be challenging if you are trying to install a duct system in your attic, which hampers the effectiveness of heating and cooling systems significantly.

You need to invest in a furnace with the highest efficiency level if you intend to install it into your attic space.

A Lot More Dust Accumulates on Your Furnace

Dust and debris accumulate on the furnace since it is not as easy to clean. If you can’t reach your furnace easily, this could mean that your furnace will stop working eventually because of all the dirt buildup inside.

It Becomes Difficult to Detect Furnace Problems

It might be challenging to detect problems with the furnace when it is located in your attic since you would need a ladder or similar equipment. One of the common ways to detect a problem with the furnace is through the noise a furnace makes when defective.

Installing a furnace in the attic may make it impossible to hear the sounds your furnace is making when operating.

Consult Professionals before Installing Your Attic Furnace

Consulting a professional will help you get the attic furnace in place in a professional manner. A licensed company will assess your attic space before giving the go-ahead to continue with the installation. Through the help of professionals, you can equally optimize the benefits of installing your furnace in the attic.

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