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How Much Does a New Air Conditioner Cost in Springdale, AR?

We all know that the worst thing that could happen during summer is not having fresh air inside your house. Several things can cause this issue, luckily most of the time, this can be solved by a technician. However, on other occasions, it is time to replace your entire system. In this regard, people wonder how much does a new air conditioner cost in Springdale, AR.  

Getting another HVAC system is a big decision since it involves an enormous investment. But, if you look at the bright side, a current model can help you save energy and money. Unfortunately, when most homeowners decide to perform this project, they don’t know which elements influence their budget. To avoid this, below we will break down the average cost of a new air conditioner unit.

We are sure that you will have a clear idea of the new air conditioner cost at the end of this article. Plus, you will also have the knowledge to choose the right appliance for your home. 

How much does a new air conditioner cost?

Usually, when people think about the cost of a new air conditioner, they only consider the unit. However, there are components that you will need to change when getting another HVAC model. For instance, condensate drainage, ductwork, and electrical modifications. That’s why we are going to talk about all these different procedures at the end. Right now, let’s look at the key factors that will determine the average cost of a new air conditioner unit. 

1. Air conditioner capacity

The capacity of your air conditioner refers to the size of the unit. This is the most important factor since it will ensure the system meets your cooling needs. If you get the wrong capacity, you will have to spend more money and return the HVAC you bought. To ensure you get the right air conditioner capacity, you will need the help of a technician.

When the expert arrives at your home, they will note several data points, including the square footage of your home, number of windows, and height of ceilings. This will allow them to calculate the capacity of the system. As a rule of thumb, remember that the more capacity you need, the higher the cost. 

Some of you might be thinking of skipping this step, but that is not a good idea. When it comes to air conditioners, there is not a “one size fits all.” 

2. System efficiency

If you want to get a new air conditioner, chances are the provider will ask you if you want a certain efficiency rating. This is calculated through the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). Overall, the SEER will tell you how efficient the HVAC system is. For a current model, the SEER could be anywhere from 13 to 20, sometimes even higher. 

In case you decide to get a system with a high SEER, the costs will be greater at the moment of purchase. But, in the long run, there would be lower operating costs. Further, an efficient air conditioner can be quieter and offer more comfort inside your home.

3. Matching furnace

Many people don’t consider adding the furnace cost to the new air conditioner cost. This is crucial if you already have a heating system installed in your home. Otherwise, you can get everything from your provider. 

To get the right matching furnace, you need to understand your current system. Then, if you need any assistance, you can call an HVAC expert, and they will tell you what kind of air conditioner you can get. Overall, the new furnace and air conditioner cost could be high when you are replacing two large units.

4. Types of air conditioners

If you are planning to replace your home’s entire system, you have the chance to pick between the different types of air conditioners. To help you out here, we are going to explain the most popular choices amongst homeowners. 

  • Central air conditioner

This is the system that most people prefer since it works well if you have all your ductwork installed. 

  • Window air conditioner

These units work similarly to a central one. However, the main difference is that a window air conditioner will only cool the room where it is installed. 

  • Mini-split air conditioner

These types of units are perfect for homes that don’t have any ductwork. The advantage of getting a mini-split air conditioner is that it won’t use much electricity, and you can control the temperature in each part of your home.

5. Ductwork

Purchasing a new HVAC system will probably need ductwork modifications. This is essential since the ducts will be the transport of the conditioned air. If you decide not to change your current ductwork, this might affect the performance of your system. After some time, this situation can even increase your energy costs and damage the appliance. To find out if you need any ductwork modifications, call an HVAC expert. 

6. Electrical modifications

This is something you might only need to get on special occasions. Usually, if you have to update the wiring, for instance, if you want to purchase a smart thermostat, you’ll need to do some electrical modifications.

7. Condensate Drainage

If there is any obstruction in the drainage, you will have to pay to solve the problem. The cost here depends on the difficulty of the repair and the cost of the replacement parts, but your HVAC professional can help outline what the costs will be in a quote. 


Now you know how much a new air conditioner will cost in Springdale, AR. Plus, with the information in this article, you can find the right cooling system for your home. Remember that the cost of your appliance will also depend on your location and how hard it will be to install.

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